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Compatible with: IN-360, IN-600, IN-700, IS-240, IS-280, IS-290i, IS-330, IS-350, IS-420, IS-440, IS-460, IS-480, IS-5000, IS-6000, iX-3, iX-5, iX-7
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Never run out of ink again!

When you need ink, your franking machine automatically lets Quadient know to send more. Original ink is delivered to your office before you run out, and only when you need it. Just add to cart and checkout for this free service, and we'll do the rest!

Advantages of the automat'ink service:

  • The Service is free of charge, you will be invoiced for the ink cartridge as and when the next one is ordered
  • You will never again have the stress of running out of ink at the last minute and having to interrupt the franking process
  • You no longer have to monitor the ink level of your franking machine yourself
  • You don't have to stock up on ink cartridges
  • You always have the right original ink at the right time

How does it work? - It's simple!

  • When you subscribe our automat'ink service, your new ink cartridge is automatically delivered to you when you next need it (please note, if you have just ordered an ink cartridge this service will start from the next time your ink level drops below 20%).
  • Your franking machine must be permanently connected to our online server. We will register the status of your remaining ink, and when the level is at 20% and below, we will send you the appropriate ink cartridge. Simple and easy - and cancellable at any time.
  • Many of our customers already use this programme.
  • Take advantage of it too and make your everyday office life a little easier.
  • This service is only available if you have an automat'ink enabled machine.

By adding the service to your order, you elect to participate in our automat'ink programme, and hereby authorise us to ship you a new ink cartridge for your Franking machine whenever the product indicates that the cartridge in use reaches 20% of it's capacity. You authorise us to charge the fee for a replacement cartridge (plus applicable VAT and shipping charges) to your account by invoice.
You may opt out of the programme at any time by sending a contact form from the e-shop.

Highest standard for company print communications

Highest standard for company print communications

Free recycling of your ink cartridge

Free recycling of your ink cartridge

Ink validated by postal authorities

Ink validated by postal authorities

Ensures the optimal efficiency for your Quadient franking machine

Ensures the optimal efficiency for your Quadient franking machine

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